Solar Pack MAX

Solar Pack MAX

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Faceplate :
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Save money bundling with our new Solar Pack MAX. A high-efficiency solar panel paired with our Dog Silencer MAX saves time, energy, and of course, money! Stop dog barking just about anywhere... High in a tree? No problem. Hate changing batteries, but you don't have an electrical outlet? The Solar Pack MAX has you covered. It also comes with your choice of colored faceplate to keep your Silencer discreet and out of view from nosey neighbors and HOA compliance warriors.

Pack Includes: Dog Silencer® MAX, Faceplate, Remote Control, AC Adapter, Wall Mount w/ Pan & Tilt, and a 9V Solar Panel.



Provides Optimal Placement

Obtaining direct line of sight has never been easier when using the Solar panel. Place your Dog Silencer Max in high-up, hard-to-reach areas like tall trees or second-story windows.

Weather Resistant

Equipped with an IPX4 water resistance rating that protects against sprinklers and light rain. To prolong the life of your Dog Silencer MAX, use it in an area sheltered from extensive rain or direct sun.

Additional Features


The Solar Panel allows you to skip the batteries and the added electric bill. This saves you money, while also helping save the planet!


With the different colored faceplate options you have the ability to hide your Dog Silencer Max in trees, bushes, or even paint the face plate to match the color of your house!

Where to Use It

Use it
Use it on fences or shrubs to protect larger properties
Use it
Mount it in a tree for camouflage
Use it
On the side of your home

How It Works

Stop dog barking in out of reach areas, and get a better line of sight to the neighbor’s dogs than ever before! Solar technology replaces expensive batteries, and removes the need to plug your Dog Silencer MAX into a power source, or run extension cords through your yard.

Every time a dog barks, the Dog Silencer MAX will send out a powerful high-pitched tone. Dogs find this sound extremely annoying, similar to fingernails on a chalkboard. Most dogs learn pretty quickly that if they are quiet, they won't have to hear this irritating sound anymore.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Risk free. Your problem will be solved within 60 days or we'll happily refund the product price.

Video: How to Use It

This video goes over how to setup and use the Dog Silencer MAX as well as its features and accessories.

Details and Specs

Dog Silencer MAX

Bark DetectionUp to 22.9 m
Stops BarkingUp to 91 m
Remote ControlUp to 22.9 m
Dimensions13.3 cm H × 10.8 cm W × 4.6 cm D
Weight0.45 kg
OptionsAC Adapter
6 “AA” Batteries
Solar Panel (optional accessory)
Consumption1.6 W (ultrasonic)
1.8 W (audible)
After Purchase
Warranty1-Year manufacturer's warranty
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Additional Info
Water ResistanceIPX4
InstallationMounting Holes
Mounting Feet

Solar Panel

Output9 v
Charging Time8 Hours (minimum)
AC Adapter110 v
DimensionsPanel: 12.1 cm T × 8.1 cm W × 1.4 cm D
Base: 8.1 cm diameter base; 10.2 cm T
Shipping Weight0.45 kg
After Purchase
Warranty1-Year manufacturer's warranty
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Additional Info
Weather RatingIPX4 (stormproof)
Compatible ProductsDog Silencer MAX®
Dog Silencer®
Bark Control Pro™

What's Included

  • Dog Silencer Max
  • Solar Panel & mounting hardware
  • Mounting Bracket with pan & tilt
  • Your Choice of Faceplate


  • Does the solar panel need to be charged before I plug it into the Dog Silencer?

    Yes.  For best results the solar panel should be fully charged prior to plugging it into the Dog Silencer, so the device can draw full power right from the beginning.  You can charge the solar panel indoors using the included ac adapter, or you can leave it out in the sun for at least 8 hours.

  • What is the shape of the coverage area?

    The ultrasonic sounds will emit in a cone shape of about 130°, or about 65° on each side. The sound is directional, and will have the best training results if the device is pointed directly at the dog(s) you wish to train.

  • What is ultrasonic sound?

    Ultrasonic sound is above the hearing range of humans, but is attention grabbing and irritating to dogs. This makes a safe and effective tool for dog training. It takes your dog's focus off of barking and towards the high-pitched sound.

  • What is the Audio mode?

    When using “Audio” mode, you will hear the device activate. It's recommended you use this mode when adjusting the bark sensitivity when first setting up the unit. In addition, you can use the audio mode for older dogs or dogs with poor hearing as an alternative to the ultrasonic sound training.

    Using the Audio mode when setting up the device will be key into accurately gauging the sensitivity of the microphone. You will be able to hear if the device is activating too often or not often enough. Adjust the dial up or down as needed and once you hear the unit ONLY activating when the dog is barking then you can flip the switch to the Ultrasonic mode.

  • Will this bother my other pets?

    Cats and dogs have very similar hearing ranges, so if your cat is near the unit when it's activated, yes, it will probably bother the cat. But, the sound from the MAX does not go through walls or around corners. For example, if the device is located in the backyard, and your cat is in the front yard or even in the house, the sound should not bother him at all. If the MAX is being used indoors, you'll want to keep cats and / or rodent pets out of the room where it is being used.

  • Will this work for whining or howling?

    If the Dog Silencer MAX is close to the dog, you may be able to adjust the microphone sensitivity higher to pick up howling or even whining. If this doesn't work, you might consider our BarkWise™ no-shock training collar for your dog. Also keep in mind that a dog might be howling or whining for reasons such as discomfort, fear, or anxiety. These issues should be discussed with a veterinarian instead of “punished” with any bark control system.

  • Does the MAX have a volume dial?

    No. There is no volume control by design. The device volume is pre-set and will fluctuate on its own to keep the dog guessing. The training sounds will always travel up to 300 feet (90 m)with a clear line of sight.

  • Does the solar panel charge the batteries in the Dog Silencer?

    No.  If you choose the solar panel option, you do not need to have batteries inside of the Dog Silencer.  There is a rechargeable battery system inside of the solar panel, and this is what gets powered by the sun.  The solar panel sends power to run the Dog Silencer.

  • Do I need to replace the battery inside of the solar panel?

    No, the battery inside of the solar panel cannot be replaced.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
John Head
Great Product

The addition of solar charging is a fantastic idea for remote locations.

Harley hound
This Thing Works!

The instructions say it won''t work thru obstacles. I found that, although that may be true, it does work around them. I was able to put it in my backyard to control the neighbor's dog on the other side of a dividing 8' wooden fence. Worked great on the first day! Very happy..

I knew it would do the trick. IT DID!!!

Not my first rodeo with these products. Very successfully took care of a previous home's offender issues with the Dog Silencer Pro. This time distance was an issue with two neighboring offenders and I needed a solar powered unit. I knew just where to go for help. And as soon as we installed the Ultimate Bark Control, Voila! Peace and quiet and they can still do their doggie duty of warning the owners of the perceived intruders all hours of the day and night, but towards the front of their house, not in my back yard!

Lucas S.
I should have bought this year

I should have bought this years ago. I might have saved a lot of high blood pressure and my relationship with my annoying neighbors.

They have a little neglected barky dog they built a yard feature so it can look into my yard and bark at my family. I love my yard, but that damn dog is pretty annoying. I've tried everything from actually walking the thing to calling animal control. Animal control is useless BTW.

I didn't think these things worked so I didn't bother buying it. I'm amazed! It's gotten cold, so I really need to wait until next summer to see how it goes, but so far it CRAZY AMAZING!

The day I put it out they little dog kept wanting to go into the house, and the owners kept shoving it back outside. We were playing football in the yard, which usually gets a 2 hour bark session. After a few barks it stopped!

I did buy more than I need. I bought the entire kit. I like having the solar charger, but I thought it needed to be plugged in. It doesn't, if you want to use AA batteries you can. I also bought the mounting bracket, which I didn't use. It has an easy way to mount it with the bracket.

I am a skeptic and really didn

I am a skeptic and really didn't believe the dog silencer would work. However the next door neighbors super barking dogs are being secretly trained to stop barking and I'm so very pleased. The neighbors are immune to their dogs barking and talking to them was futile. After installing the dog silencer the huge German Shepard and the black lab and yappy little dog next door barks only twice then stops. Before I got the dog silencer they would bark non stop from 5:00 am to 8:00 am everyday. Im going to get a stretchy wrist key band so I can wear the activator for long distance while I sleep. Then I can activate the silencer and go back to sleep quickly. Thank you so much the bags are disappearing under my eyes from lack of sleep.