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Dog Silencer® MAX
Shawn Moore

This is my 2nd Good life dog silencer, (my first silencer got left out in a downpour and quit working), but both work AMAZING!!!
I have 2 neighbors approximately 400 yards (not feet) on each side of me. I have the cone from my first silencer and I've been able to reach both of them. I just wish I had another one, so I would not have to stop and rotate it. I'm so grateful for this equipment and have told EVERYONE that has problems with barking dogs about this.
Thank you Good life, Shawn from Missouri

Peace at last.😍😍😍😍😍

We fell in love with our house once we saw it with our realtor.The house checked all of our check boxes. 3 car garage. 2900 sqf 5 bed. two of which are master bedrooms modern design thoughout with. 10 foot ceilings on main floor and custom luxury upgrades throughout including a 2nd spice kitchen.
main floor den and bathroom with shower across the hallway The house had everything we wanted except for the backyard neighbours mutt pitbull constant barking .
This was a strong consideration on my mind as we did the house tour with our realtor. Backyard neighbour dog was set on automatic yap yap yap. yap that evening and it got me thinking .🙄🙄🙄🙄
I decided that i am not going walk away from a great real estate deal because of a stupid dog. I decided I will deal with it when we move in . The house originally listed for 850k when it was completed.Year later was listed for 650k with fierce competition from 14 other buyers We won the price war and got it for 700k
😁😁 we moved in last august
backyard neighbour dog wasnt happy about our arrival. every trip to the balcony. or backyard was was met with constant barking or growling in addition to regular no reason barking. This thing would go on for hours barking here and there at all hours of the day.
i feel the dog loves his own voice or is scared of its own shadow.

I work shift work. days. or nights and i cant be bothered to be woken up by a mutt of a dog when i need sleep.

After suffering with this nonsense for a year i came across dog silencer max. 💖💖💖.
after reading multiple mixed reviews of either working or not .i decided i have nothing to loose . Suffer more barking noise or move.
I decided to roll the decide and hope this dog is not immune to the Dog Silencer Max.
i understand different breeds may react differently to this device

Lucky for us. our house is a walk out basement and that side of the new new development is built on a hill. Soo my. 2 nd floor bedroom is a good 1 story above. the neighbours 2 story level. giving dog slilencer mwx a bordseye view of neighbours backyard. 👍👍 Using google map i used the measure feature. i measured my back yard neigbours house is 75 feet from the window of my master bedroom. Being at an elevated vangage point and close proximity. dog silencer. max has a great ovetview of the backyard neighbour entire lot.
After using the device for few weeks i noticed immediate chsnge in dogs behaviour . now that we are on the bwlcony or backyard it barks once and stops or sometimes does not bark at all and tryes to ignore us givng. us a side eye.
Now i have the tool to torment the dog with handy remote control
i make it run away and hide behind the garage lol 🤣🤣 payback is a bitch. PITBULL mix
I also noticed that neighboir neighbou ralso has a dog. a smaller one that likes to yap once a while. from my vantage point i was able to take care of that pissant as well. that yard on the left of the yard in picture is within 150 feet to the other fence from my window.

all i have to say it is a great product
thank u again

Bark be gone

Took a few weeks, but the neighbors barking dog has decreased by 90%.

Dog Silencer® MAX
Timothy McCollum
Thank the Lord for this Product! It works better than advertised

For the last 36 months. I have had a dog living next to me that will bark. Constantly. The dog averages around 40 to 50 barks per minute. For as long as three hours.
I know that sounds like a lot and maybe you think I'm making that up, but I have it on video.
I found this product online and I have to tell you that it's changed my life for the better. I work from home. My home office used to be in a room facing the neighbor’s yard with the barking dog. I had to change and drag all my stuff to another room halfway across the house in order to work. I have donated to this neighbor a bark preventing collar that they said didn't work. I have asked her to try and keep the dog quiet during the day, to no avail. Then I found the Dog Silencer Max. Within seconds of mounting it up on a fence facing this yard I heard… Silence. Silence. Blessed silence. The dog tried to bark again, but every time she did, she would growl and then stop.
I have been using this now for about 30 days and I couldn't be happier about a product than this one. We even had dozen people over for 4th of July pool party and the dog didn't bark once. The neighbor on the other side of this barking dog asked if they had gotten rid of the dog. I said no and showed him the ultimate bark control device called the Dog Silencer Max. He is buying one himself. I know to a lot of people, of these reviews sound too good to be true, but this one lives up to the hype. Buy it, you won't be sorry.

BarkWise™ Complete
Jill Greenbaum

Really works!

Definite improvement!

My 9 yo Rottweiler had a difficult time transitioning from a house to an apt—people walking past our patio are maybe 10’ away, and he would go ballistic jumping at the patio door, standing up on his hind legs at the patio railing, and barking/howling like a vicious killer. He’s NOT that kind of dog—when he’s outside walking, he loves people and meeting other dogs. He stays at cage-free boarding facilities with dogs of all breeds and sizes. I had to get him to calm down, for his benefit and for the neighbors.
I am SO PLEASED with the quick progress we have enjoyed! He isn’t consumed with watching and waiting for someone to walk by. When we sit on the patio, other dogs on leashes have come just a few feet away from us and there hasn’t been any aggression displayed! He lays outside calmly. If he starts to bark and triggers the device, he turns around and wants to go inside to get away from it!
One problem is that occasionally something on TV will trigger the device, and he will go to the back bedroom to escape. So I unplug the device when the TV is on.
Anyway—I highly recommend the device!

Dog Silencer® MAX
Gerald Breeyear
Works as Advertised

It has been installed for about three weeks now and I no longer hear the neighbors dogs barking. So far I am a satisfied customer.

2 alarms work better than 1 for extra problem barkers

I like all features of my recent 2-pack purchase of your dog alarm. I suggest increasing the power cord that comes with it another foot or two. Although you offer extension cords for an additional fee, I suspect most alarms are mounted outside where limited electrical outlets are available compared to inside a home. An extra foot or 2 of power cord would be helpful. Thank you.


I am so pleased with this collar. I was so afraid to use a device and absolutely did not want a shock collar. My dog responded to the lowest setting and we saw huge results immediately. My sister bought two after seeing our success. She is using one and gave one to her son for his dog. This has been a terrific help in dealing with over the top barking at deer, rabbits birds etc in the yard.

Dog Silencer® MAX
Cecilia Marlin
Wonderful Device

We live in a neighborhood with lots three acres or larger each. We had been annoyed by our neighbors two large dogs. It’s quite a large distance between the two houses. Whoever, we decided to try this device knowing that its range is shorter than the distance between the two houses. It still worked!!! The dogs barely bark now even when they see us, something that used to drive them crazy!
Thank you so much for selling this thing!
Just a little advice: It has to be protected from the elements. We built a little “bird house” for it.

Dog Silencer® MAX
Linda Dixon

Seems to be working good

Dog barking.

This is easy to put up.

Dog Silencer® MAX
Henry Wiebe
Great service beyond the sale

Company stands behind its products and services. Unit failed for some reason but was promptly replaced.

It worked!

Not much to share.
It worked as expected!

The Guardian™
Ritesh Kirad
Its a great gadget

My old one lasted for over 2 years and so i had to get a replacement, power cord keeps going bad is my only complaint on it, but overall the guardian does an excellent job for protecting my backyard

Dog Silencer® MAX
Hilary Stanley
Barking has stopped

I own 3 bassett hounds that love to bark at just about anything that walks, flies, or flutters. Neighbors were complaining it was nonstop barking all day. Since they have doggy door, as we work, keeping inside was not optional. So I was hesitant to invest this much but had to do something. Oh my goodness the barking is now rare!! This honestly really works!! Living on a pond our neighbors constantly have parties thru week as well as weekend. My dogs woukd bark constantly at movement. Now they don't!!! If you are in desperate need of noise reduction, I HIGHLY recommend this product!! I would and will buy again when my current one retires!!!!

worth EVERY penny!

i was nervous about purchasing this product, but the incessant barking of my neighbor's FIVE dogs made it impossible for me to enjoy my deck. i put up with the noise for a year or more and then made the purchase. i'm SO GLAD i bought your silencer max. over the course of three days, the barking gradually tapered off and now, after having it installed for a couple weeks, there's hardly any barking. i cannot thank you enough for marketing this device and i enthusiastically recommend it to anyone. our properties are 1-3 acres so i was concerned that the distances were too great for it to work. instead, i finally have regained peace and quiet. my favorite story to relate is that i was walking near our property line when i heard the biggest dog bark once (normally, whenever i'm on the lawn, the barking is constant). i looked to where i'd heard the bark and realized that the dog had gone to the far side of the neighbor's house and barked from behind it! i have to smile while wondering if my neighbors have noticed that their dogs no longer bark and that, when they do, they do it only after walking behind their house! thank you again. not only is it functional, it's entertaining and worth EVERY penny!

Works well

I put them in about a month ago,and I haven’t seen a single snake. Money well spent

Dog Silencer® MAX
Jeffrey Gilbert
Does what it was designed to do.

We are surrounded by neighbors who own aggressive dogs. Not being a confrontational person, we decided to deploy this device to reduce our anxiety from loud barking and aggressive dogs nearby. We’ll let me tell you, it only took a few days and now we have peace and quiet. We move our device around the fence line directed at the issues for maximum effectiveness. We enjoy our patio and garden so much now without all the dog aggression. We appreciate the effectiveness of this device so much and are happy with its performance. I keep the setting at maximum level for retribution and our quiet enjoyment . Big likes from our household to Dog Silence Max!

Bark Control Pro™
Nancy Dennen

I love my neighbor's dog, but the constant barking after dark was intolerable. This has solved the problem peacefully rather than ruining the relationship.

Dog Silencer® MAX
Randolph Lane
Great product. Works as advertised

Great product. Works as advertised

Better than hoped

The dog we have trouble with lives in the townhouse next to ours. The dog is INSIDE behind the front door and a glass sidelight. I know the Ultrasonic is not suppose to work through these obstacles but we were desperate so we gave it a try. We were amazed at the instant success. IT WORKS FANTASTIC!

Solar Panel


60ft Extension Cord
Jennifer Lumsden

Works great

OpenBox - Dog Silencer® MAX
Debra Blair
What a difference!

Our first unit was defective so we returned it for a replacement. Super easy, no hassle process.

The replacement unit seems to be working just fine. Our neighbor has two of the most obnoxious barking dogs EVER! One of them now heads back to the house whenever she hears it. The other may take some extra time to train, but we've already seen improvement in his behavior.