Within less than a day the barking was GONE!

Tara's dogs relaxing on a bed.

Our house recently sold before we had found one to move into, so we found ourselves renting an apartment. Within a day or two we began to fear eviction. Our dogs are barkers.

We have a Toy Poodle and a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix. We were very, very stressed. I found Good Life's website but was skeptical the collar would actually work, so I went with a spray collar at a local pet store. It didn't work at all, and we were more frustrated than ever. The dogs had always barked at everything; now they were barking at every sound in the early morning and late at night with our neighbors only a wall away!

I really doubted the BarkWise Complete collar would work, but I bought two of them. What I am about to say next I am NOT KIDDING! Within an hour they were almost totally trained and within less than a day the barking was GONE! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS PRODUCT WORKS AND IT ISN'T ADVERTISED IN EVERY PET STORE!!!

I didn't want to use a shock collar because I've always had a fear in addition to being painful, I might be absent and the shock feature might malfunction and keep shocking them over and over. But with the BarkWise Complete Collar, I have no fear. This has been the ideal solution for our fur babies.

Tara L.
Springfield, Missouri United States