My dogs do not bark, and we have happy neighbors!

I bought 2 collars with little faith that it would help stop my 2 dogs from barking, but was desperate. They were incessantly barking while we were out of the house and it was a true nuisance to the neighbors. I waited a year to review. The collars worked immediately and I am pleased to say that with both vibration and sound on, my dogs do not bark, and we have happy neighbors!

I was hesitant to buy these collars because both of my dogs are trained to invisible fence and I thought that it would confuse them. I am also glad to report that it was not a problem. The only thing that is not convenient is that when you turn the collar on and off it makes the ‘correction noise’ and my dogs get very nervous and slightly confused because they didn't bark.

Despite this, I firmly believe this is an awesome product and I love that it I don't need to shock them to deliver the correction. We bring our dogs on our trips in the RV and use them when we leave the dogs in the RV and it works great!!!

Connecticut United States