BarkWise Training Pack for Miniature Dachshund

After getting the Bundle Pack that included both the BarkWise and OnGuard I was immediately impressed. The OnGuard works perfectly for in home training and control, while the BarkWise is perfect for taking my dog on walks. Having a Miniature Dachshund has always drawn strangers to want to meet her however she loves to bark at anyone and everyone. This immediately controlled her barking at strangers with only the use of the ultrasonic noise.

The BarkWise collar actually fits her, whereas other products I have tried have been too big or been awkward around her neck. The OnGuard works for multiple training uses and has helped to stop not only her barking but other habits such as jumping on both furniture and people, and digging in the yard.

I'm highly impressed with how easy these products are to use and the effectiveness of them.

Justine M.
Phoenix, Arizona United States