Within 3–4 weeks all three dogs are silent…

Suffered over 5 years with neighbour's small barking dog. It was 5–6 hour stretches of continuous barking, all times of the day including past midnight when owners were out. The neighbours didn't care. Then they introduced another small dog and labrador which copied the same 'bad' behaviour. So had to contend with 3 barking dogs. Badly affected my nerves and gave me depression and feeling of hopelessness to be at the mercy of 3 dumb dogs. Bought the Max unit, which I hid in my hedge pointing towards the neighbour's 3 dogs on the back patio. I am stunned by the results. Within 3–4 weeks all three dogs are silent and no longer do the continuous, mind-numbing, ‘boredom’ barking all day long. I am so pleased. It is so peaceful in my home and back yard. I am now confident to take leave from work and spend time at home to unwind. Thank the Lord for the power of technology & invention and Good Life for this device!!!

Brisbane, Queensland Australia