Which Bark Control Collar is Right for Your Dog?

At Good Life, we like giving our customers options. This is a great thing, but can lead to questions about what the best product would be. A common product question is about our bark control collars that come in 3 different versions: BarkWise™ Complete, BarkWise™ Ultrasonic, and BarkWise™ Vibration.

Let's go over the different collar features, and which one would work best for your pet!

  • BarkWise™ Complete: This is the complete package! It uses vibration, ultrasonic sound, audible sound to help train your dog. The vibration and audible are both optional and can be switched on or off. On top of having all 3 of these features it comes with a remote that allows more personalized training.

    This collar is best for the most variety of situations and dogs. You can use it on a hearing-impaired dog because of the vibration setting. You can use it on a dog that is scared of the vibrations and just utilize the ultrasonic sound. Also, the remote allows for other training. You can train your dog on boundaries, heeling, jumping up on people or furniture, etc. As long as you have the time and commitment, the remote feature really works awesome for that added one-on-one training!

  • BarkWise™ Ultrasonic: Just like its name, this one uses ultrasonic sound to curb barking. The difference here is that it only uses ultrasonic sound and not vibration or audible noise. I also does not come with the remote.

    This is a great collar if you don't need the extra's the Complete has, and your dog has good hearing. They will hear the noise, similar to a dog whistle, and associate it with the barking.

  • BarkWise™ Vibration: This collar only utilizes the vibration and not ultrasonic sound or audible sound. It also does not come with a remote.

    This is a perfect fit for hearing impaired dogs, whether it be from age, an injury or a birth defect. The collar will vibrate when it hears your dogs barking and interrupt them. It's also great for puppies.

  • Size and Fit: All 3 collars weigh 2.2 ounces and fit down to a 6′ neck, all the way up to a 26′ neck. If you are using a collar with vibration you want it to be snug against the neck without being too tight.

With all products there is a learning curve, and this will be dependent on how receptive your pet is and the situation. Dogs that are barking for aggressive or territorial reasons, as well as dogs barking from separation anxiety, will not be as responsive.

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