What Will Ultrasonic Sound Go Through?

We are often asked if ultrasonic sound will go through walls or fences. Keep reading to find out, and to learn how to get the most out of your dog-silencing devices like the Dog Silencer MAX.

What is ultrasonic sound?

Ultrasonic sound refers to any sound frequency above the range of normal human hearing. Although it is nonharmful, dogs can hear this sound and find it irritating. This makes it a good deterrent for bad behavior such as nuisance barking. When used properly, ultrasonic sound can be a powerful training device!

What will ultrasonic sound go through?

Think of it like the wind – if the wind can go through it, so can ultrasonic sound. This applies to items such as:


  • Chain-link and mesh fences.
  • Small trees and plants.
  • Wrought iron and open fences.

    What won't ultrasonic sound go through?

    Ultrasonic sound waves do not penetrate solid objects well. These include items such as:

    • Glass doors and windows.
    • Solid wood or concrete fences.
    • Walls, floors, and ceilings.
    • Thick shrubs and privacy fences.

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