Use the BarkWise Complete Collar Like a Pro

You can become a Good Life Bark-Control Expert with these tips for using the BarkWise™ Complete. And rest assured that we are ready to answer any questions that you have.

If your dog is not accustomed to wearing training collars, or using ultrasonic training, it's best to introduce training with the BarkWise Complete steadily. Remember the number one goal is to have your dog choose not to bark, rather than hear the sound.

  1. Acclimation Period. Have your dog wear the collar, without turning it on, for the full first day. This allows your dog to become familiar with the weight and feel of it. This also allows the owner to make sure the collar fits correctly.
  2. Begin Training. While not totally necessary for success, it's helpful for some dogs to begin training on Remote Only mode. Do this by having the REM switch on the control panel flipped downward. This gives you total control of the training. This is important because:
    • Some dogs respond better when their owner is present.
    • You can combine the punishment of the collar with a stern command, and give treats when the dog stops barking.
  3. Consistency is Key. Just like teaching them to sit or roll over, it does take practice. Some bad barking habits are really ingrained. Stick with it and don't get too discouraged.
  4. Give Time for Rest. Breaking bad habits and learning new skills is tiring work (you'd think barking would be enough, huh?). We recommend only wearing the collar during the training periods, or times of the day when barking is the worst. This helps your dog learn that the collar is a punishment for the barking, and not just something that's around all the time regardless.

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