Training Tips with Positive Pet™

Is your dog mostly well behaved, but you still have trouble getting him to stop jumping on people? Does your dog only bark when they know the mailman is coming up the road? Or maybe they have an uncontrollable urge to jump on the counter when making dinner?

Instead of yelling at your usually well-mannered pet and feeling utterly defeated, use Positive Pet to help train those unwanted behaviors away!

Positive Pet allows hands on training which will strengthen the bond between you and your furry companion. It’s perfect for new or seasoned pet owners, and everyone in between. If you aren’t quite sure where to begin let us help!

Here are some helpful tips to guide you through the training process:

  • Place the collar on your dog during those times you know he’ll be tempted to act up. Like barking in the car, or jumping on the kids at the park.
  • When your dog exhibits the unwanted behavior press the remote to get your dogs attention. Follow with a command such as “down” or “off,” then reward them with lots of praise and a treat as soon as they respond.
  • Repeat as needed. Consistency helps create trust between you and your furry friend because he/she will learn what is acceptable behavior.
  • Remember every dog learns differently, and it will take some time and patience for your furry companion to understand their new behavior.
  • You can use Positive Pet to also get your dogs attention during other training times if they become distracted.
Two cocker spaniel puppies begging for food at the kitchen table.

Introducing the Collar

If your pet is especially anxious or sensitive, you can gradually get your pet used to the Positive Pet collar by slowly introducing it to your pet.

  • Begin by just showing the collar to your dog, so they can sniff it. While doing this give them a treat to reinforce that the collar is positive.
  • The next day let it vibrate without putting it on them. The sound of the vibration could be a little startling. While it vibrates and they are near it, give them treats.
  • Next, place the collar on your dog (without activating) and give them a treat.
  • Once they are comfortable wearing the collar, you can try a short training session and build up to longer sessions as needed.

The key takeaway with any training process is PATIENCE. You and your pet are both learning, so why not learn together! Don’t give up —training takes lots of practice, consistency and repetition.

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