The Ban on Commercial Breeding

Is This Good or Bad News?

Recently a federal judge in Phoenix Arizona   upheld a city law that requires that any dog or cat being sold in a pet store must come from an animal shelter. Phoenix now joins a rather exclusive club of cities, over 60 at the last count, that have implemented similar laws. Mike Bober, who is the executive vice president for the Pet Industry Advisory Council claims that this ruling will not shut down a single “puppy mill” in Phoenix and will most likely harm those regulated breeders who run responsible and ethical breeding farms.

Clearly the lines of contrast have been drawn creating a disparity of opinions that may never be fully resolved. Like any law, there will always be those for and against it, but the hope should always be there from all sides of the issue that at this legislations heart, it is a necessary resource to have. There very well may be many farms out there that run a legitimate operation, however, and like always, it's the bad ones that ruin it for the rest of us.

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