Spring Has (Almost) Sprung!

The long, cold winter is almost to an end and this means pets will be out more! This is such an exciting time of year for them, but there are some things to do to prepare.

Make sure you stock up on tick and flea medications. These pests are gross, but more importantly they can be harmful to pets and humans. There are many options for your pet, but make sure to speak to a vet for the best care possible, especially if your dog is very young or has special health needs.

Dogs get allergies too! Check with your veterinarian if you think your pet is suffering from seasonal allergies. Many dogs have sensitivities to smells we find good, citrus being one, so as you bring fresh flowers and fruit inside be aware that it may be affecting your furry friend.

Your pet will most likely be pretty amped up when the sun starts shining, and he won't be alone. Everyone will have their pets out and wild animals will be out too. Make sure your dog is kept in a safe place if they aren't accustomed to other animals or socialized. If this is your young pets first spring, it would be good to make sure they are trained and know how to behave with all the new activity.

Here at Good Life, we specialize in helping you train your pet humanely. Besides providing training tools, we are more than willing to give tips, tricks, and advice on how to deal with many behavioral issues, as well as outdoor repellents for pests around your house. Give us a call if you feel like you need to prepare for the busy outdoor season ahead!

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