Not Your Customary Funeral

In a country known for its World Heritage Sites and diverse ethnic cultures, should we be at all surprised when we hear China has a new emerging business, the pet funeral service  , and nothing is off the table.

The US is experiencing an amazing up-tick within the pet industry primarily driven by the pet owner treating their four-legged companion as part of the family; is this really where we are eventually headed?

In the province of Shanghai, on a balmy afternoon in August, Evin a 9-year old dog who recently passed away three days ago from a heart attack, was being transported to her funeral site in a fleet of Audi A8's. The lead car had a giant blown up picture of the dog prominently presented on its front grill for all the world to see. This opulent display of ones love for their pet ran the owner an estimated 8,000 yuan, about $1,250 in US

As the Audi “dog-hearse” reached its destination, and as if all of this was not good enough to creep you out a bit, The dog’s owner and other families laid wreaths for the dog and gave eulogies.

They give us unconditional love and want nothing in return except for an 8,000 yuan funeral to send them off. This may be an example of affluence gone awry, however, each pet owner has their own way of expressing the loss of something they truly loved; so who are we to criticize that.

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