Getting to Know Your Pet with Intent and Purpose

Getting to know your pet is more than just walking and playing with them. Actually, if you really want to know your pet better, it is through activities like these, with slight deviations here and there that can provide vital information that could save your pet's life.

We all love babying our pets and they certainly love the attention. How about the next time you are pampering your dog or cat you do it with purpose and intent. The Snout-to-tail Assessment is one example of how you can incorporate normal activities you do with your pet every day that can have huge benefits in the long run to their quality of life. With this assessment you are creating a baseline of your pet's health by touching every area of your pet's body from snout to tail paying attention to anything that might seem abnormal.

In one case, an owner discovered mammary tumors growing on her dog. She immediately took her dog to the vet who confirmed the diagnosis. The treatment was successful however, the vet was quite clear in the fact that had she come in another five to six months things would not have gone as well.

If you are able to put aside one day/eight hours to take a class covering many more helpful topics, visit PetTech and see if there is a class or instructor near you. Your pet will thank you for it.

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