Benefits of CBD for Your Pets

Your pets feel emotions just as us humans, and sometimes it can be more taxing on their little bodies which leaves you to wonder what you can do to help them. Maybe a little more love, more time outside, or maybe a trip to the vet for some medication will do your little furbaby some good.

But you've tried those things and your pet is still down — just not feeling or acting like themselves. Pharmaceuticals might help, but why not try something more natural, something that might give them back their pep?

Healthy Roots Paws all natural CBD hemp oil and hard chews don't have side effects and can provide your pet a better quality of life and help ease some of their anxiety or discomfort. The Healthy Roots Paws Hemp Oil and Calming Chews do not contain any harmful additives, and there is no THC, so there is no psychoactive effect to your pet. The CBD provides a natural way to ease tension, relax muscles and help with pain that can come from aging or sickness. If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety that can be just as hard on them as getting older. Integrating the CBD treats with other techniques to ease their stress while you're gone can help with their anxiety.

Start by giving your dog Healthy Roots Paws chews or the hemp extract oil 15–20 minutes before heading out. Turn on the TV or radio to provide human voices and don't make leaving a big deal, the anticipation of you leaving can make the anxiety worse, so a simple goodbye is all you need! Of course you won't see results overnight, and some dogs might not get over their separation anxiety, but knowing what you can do to ease the stress of leaving is the first most important step to a happy and healthy dog.

Here is a more in-depth list of benefits hemp oil and CBD treats can provide for your dogs.

  • Reduce Anxiety – Whether your dog gets anxious when left alone during the day while you're at work, during thunderstorms or when travelling, Healthy Roots Paws might be the perfect solution to help make these experiences a bit less stressful for them. ThunderShirts® are also an option.
  • Calm Aggressive Behavior – For many pets, hemp oil can help minimize or lessen aggressive behaviors.
  • Relieves Pain – Many dog parents are utilizing hemps ability to relieve pain due to illness or old age. Hemp targets pain regardless of the source. For instance, if your dog experiences hip and joint pain, Healthy Roots Paws natural hemp extract can help reduce inflammation, enhance joint function and connective tissues, and reduce overall pain, allowing your dog to be more relaxed and content.
  • Enhances Your Pets Overall Health – Healthy Roots Paws supports digestive tract health and assists the immune system. It can also help reduce nausea symptoms in pets.
  • Helps with Appetite Loss – If your dog's appetite is lessening or they're just not eating enough, hemp oil my help increase their appetite. It also helps with vomiting and nausea.
  • Can Reduce Seizures – Like humans, dogs suffer from epilepsy. Hemp oil has gained much recognition in the public eye regarding its ability to help reduce or stop seizures in both adults and children that suffer from epilepsy. Healthy Roots Hemp is grown, tested, and packaged in Portland, Oregon. Their products are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and USDA Organic Certified. Their products are virtually free of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, so you can feel safe using them for your pets.

Grab a bag of our Calming Pet Chews or try our new Healthy Roots Paws Pet Drops and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you! In the meantime, happy tails from Good Life!

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