Aromatherapy … for Dogs?

Aromatherapy is the use of plant materials and oils for mood alteration, overall psychological or physical well-being, and an alternative to modern medicine. While sometimes controversial for use as medicine, there is evidence that it can improve well-being and alter moods. So, what about its uses with our furry friends?

Just like humans, dogs have moods and personalities. There are plenty of devices, toys, and medical aids we use to help our pets, but a growing number of people are turning to natural remedies like aromatherapy. As controversial as this is, there are some intriguing articles and research   coming out in support of this.

Many products on the market now are focusing on the natural theme, bringing in natural oils for use in different pet care. Lavender oil is a favorite, and there are calming collars on the market that ease separation anxiety using lavender oil. There are plenty of other oils making their way into products for everything from natural flea and tick repellent, to skin rash treatment.

While this may sound like something you are wanting to switch to, please make sure to talk to a veterinarian and do ample research. Dogs and other animals are more sensitive to smells, and what may seem mild to us can cause reactions. There are also lists of herbs and plants   that pets are allergic to that humans are not.

Whatever way you choose to handle your pets care, remember to ask questions, read, and pay attention to your animal's reaction.

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